About the Cell

The department has a cell looking after placement activities and management of placement schedules. The placement cell maintains a record of potential employers and contacts them on a regular basis. Past students of the department also provide referrals. Every year campus interviews are arranged by the placement cell.

Information for employer

Within itself is enriched with all the essential raw materials needed for power generation namely coal and water. A profit making coal company under the Coal India Limited has many of its important mines in Korba district.

Students of DIIT have to undergo full-time regular classes, compulsory different industrial exposure and mandatory part of 15 days practical training program in JIFSA training ground in Korba ( C.G) which is associated in 8 acres of land with all fire & safety equipments, fire engine vehicle, advance techniques and equipments trained by experienced industrial employees, where students of every center get trained for each and every Fire & Safety measures of different Industries , Constructions sites , Airports, Hospitals, Malls etc. which develop the each students skills and knowledge about the particular fields.

In every final section we prepare well educated and trained students in there specialized field. And able to post them in different industrial sectors. Employers, recruiters & private Tenders consistently reports for job opportunities, which makes each section 100% job placements every year.